In this COVID-19 pandemic, almost all states are going into a business crisis. Many people have become jobless and the daily wagers aren’t getting any jobs for them so they could earn money. Things have got really tight between people and money and it will be really hard in the near future that the loss that we have experienced is gained back. You’re probably one of those businessmen or businesswomen who are now finding ways to keep their business running. It’s not always about making money, remember this. 

There may be some ways you can earn money during this lockdown but sustaining your business is a slightly different thing. You can utilize this period to at least make your business a lot better than before. You can also do some advertising as well that will invoke people into making online purchases from you. This will definitely lead you to continue your product selling while keeping health safety measures to the fullest. For that, I’m presenting you with 8 tips on keeping your business alive during this COVID-19 lockdown.

Business Growth During Lockdown

Keep Socializing Through the Internet

Yes, you’re away from people in this lockdown because it’s dangerous for you and for them to be physically near. You’re stuck at home and you can’t meet your clients physically. Don’t forget that you have this awesome blessing, the internet, with you all the time. You can socialize with your customers through different platforms like any social media. You will have to be more present there, by keep posting stuff related to your website or products. Don’t lose your audience by not interacting with them on comments. This will show them that you care about your customers and they will still be really in touch with your business. 

Start or Improve Your Blogs

Blogs are really important for the marketing and promotion of any business. They give a huge boost to it that the owner doesn’t expect at all. People love reading blogs because they’re not only informative but also fun to read due to the language. Now, what you need to do is to keep your social media game up. In the meanwhile, you’ll want to make sure that you create and post enticing blogs with information related to your brand and one or two of your products on each one. Post the link to your social media with a catchy line to compel people to click on it. Make the blog eye-catching by using a catchy headline and keeping the language simple, entertaining, and easy-to-read. 

Go Live!

Yep! You heard it right! It might not sound so effective and comfortable but that’s how it works and I’ll only take a minute to compel you with that. Just like you host offline events where people come, enjoy, buy some of your products, etc. It’s such an effective way to build a potential audience. However, the alternative way of doing this is to go live on your channels on social media or other websites. The content? You can make how-to videos or product tutorials. More people are using the internet and lots and lots of them are entertained by such videos. You can design some activities as well that people can complete while staying at home. It’s all up to you and your business mates. 

Engage and Become a Part of Online Business Communities

You can’t expect to make your business grow just because you’re trying. If you’re doing it all alone, all by yourself, in complete isolation, I’m afraid that you can’t prosper. You can do some social work as well by contributing to a non-profit organization or others as well. During this lockdown, there are many needy people out there to whom others must provide help for the cause of humanity. This way, you can get a lot of visibility from your audience and more people will get to know about your business. Plus, it’s a good cause, and doing good for a human is like doing good for the whole of humanity.

Create Partnership or Internship Programs

Millions of people are at home including students who would love to work with a company as an intern for a good cause. Plus, this is a great way to boost your audience because you’re actually telling them that you really care. Let people know that you’re quite active and they will be more into your brand than ever. 

Redesign Your Website

No, not completely. Just make it look better than before. Look for some errors that might be causing trouble to your customers. Put them aside first because you wouldn’t want to resolve them before redesigning your website. It’s possible that it would get more issues that you’d have to solve again. So, it’s not only about redesigning it but also about the audience it’s targetting. Check it out and make sure to make changes according to your preferences and conditions. And yes, see if you can add some features, new products, or anything fun that would attract people to your website. 

Work On How Your Products Look

No, I don’t want you to change the way your products look. I want you to improve the way you present them to your customers. Get some custom made boxes from a good packaging brand like Dawn Printing. From there, you can get some high-quality boxes at rates that will be friendly for you even during the lockdown situation. Use those to pack your products in and then have them delivered to your customers. They’ll love it and would want to order again. 

Most Important: Don’t Worry! 🙂

I understand that it’s pretty hard to go through this tight situation, but that doesn’t mean that you should be taking mental tension because of it. Take a break, don’t think too much, dedicate some hours for work, watch movies, play games, but don’t let this situation bother you. 

The Finishing Line

Businesses are going into a serious crisis in this lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic. But there are ways that the entrepreneurs and existing business workers can run their companies through. Just follow these tips that I’ve mentioned above and your lockdown period won’t be able to affect your business analytics. Stay home, stay safe, work hard!

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