Causes of Tooth Discoloration:

The outer layer of teeth consists of enamel, which is colored almost white and protects the deeper tooth structure. Beneath the enamel is a layer of tissue called dentin, which is yellow-brown. When the enamel layer thins or wears away, the teeth begin to look darker. There are many factors that may cause your teeth to lose their sparkle and become dull. 

Causes Of Yellow Teeth
  • Drinking too much tea, coffee and wine can cause the yellow stains to your tooth as it contains tannin.
  • Smoking and tobacco products also leaves nicotine stains on your teeth.
  • Consumption of too many sugary products also creates bacteria that can harm your teeth. 

Discolorations can be treated by different whitening remedies as well as regular cleaning. Mentioned below are some simple and natural home remedies for yellow teeth problem. 

Home Remedies For Yellow Teeth:

Baking Soda

  • Mix a quarter teaspoon of baking soda with a little toothpaste. Brush your teeth with this gritty mixture and rinse with warm water. Use it once or twice a week.

Benefit: Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate can help to remove surface stains from teeth due to its abrasive quality.  


  • Mix some charcoal powder with your regular toothpaste and gently brush your teeth. Do this twice daily to make your teeth sparkling white.

Benefit: Charcoal has a powerful crystal-based chemical that whitens teeth.


  • Mix the pulp of one strawberry with one-half tsp of baking soda and spread the mixture onto your teeth and let it sit for a few minutes. Rinse your mouth and brush  your teeth with toothpaste to get rid of any residue.

Benefit: The acidic quality of strawberry helps to whiten the teeth.

Coconut Oil Pulling

Coconut Oil Pulling
  • Take one tablespoon coconut oil and put in mouth. Now swish oil all over mouth for 5 minutes (gradually increasing it to 10 to 15 minutes if you can handle it). Push and pull it right between teeth. Spit oil out. Brush the teeth properly using regular tooth paste.
  • Make sure to oil pull first thing when waking, before eating or drinking anything.
  • Repeat 3-4 times per week for best results.

Coconut Oil Paste

  • Mix 4 spoons of turmeric powder, 2 spoons of baking soda, 3 spoons of coconut oil and make a fine paste. Brush with this paste and rinse well.


  • Add enough of water in ½ teaspoon of organic turmeric powder.
  • Stir well to make it a fine paste and use it as your toothpaste
  • Brush your teeth thoroughly and let it sit for a minute or two.
  • After that, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water till the yellow stains have been completely removed from the mouth. 


  • Lemon has good bleaching property which can be used to get rid of the yellow teeth. 
  • Take the juice out of lemon and add one teaspoon of salt to it then gargle your mouth with this.
  • Scrubbing your teeth with lemon peel is also one of the best ways to make your teeth whiter.

Apple Cider vinegar

  • Apple cider vinegar is a potent way to remove the stains of your teeth. Once you have brushed with apple cider vinegar, brush your teeth again with mild toothpaste, and rinse to remove all residues.
  • One important tip to keep in mind that one must be careful when using it, as its acids are strong enough to remove enamel as well. So be careful…!!

Well, these are some simple and easy to apply home remedies for your teeth problems. Apply any of these remedies and have a happy and bright smile.  

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    This wonderful and very well written article
    reminded me of when I had big problems with teeth, cavities and pain, yellow and ugly teeth, then I found a simple way to rebuild my teeth and gums and
    get rid of tooth decay. (maybe it will help someone): Thanks! Keep doing a great job!

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