The first step of channel promotion is design

What does a user see when they first visit your channel? Channel cover. It can become the main tool for its visual promotion. To do this, you need to not just put a beautiful picture there, but create an image that describes your activity. There you can place a company logo, indicate or visually reflect the types of activities, you can even use an advertising banner as a background. We also recommend that you study channels similar to your topic and try to visually separate from them.

Check out YouTube’s guidelines for image size. If you do not adhere to them, then it will be difficult to achieve a normal appearance.

You can add text descriptions and links to the design. They can be added in the About the Channel section.

YouTube provides a 1000 character field for this. Here you can place a short text describing the content of the channel. Desirable – keyword-optimized. You can also optimize the descriptions and titles of videos – these measures will help expand the reach of the audience.

You also need to promote the channel through links to your other pages (main site, other social networks, etc.). Links must be inserted, because this way you will get traffic to your other resources.

The second step of YouTube channel promotion – playlists

One of the hallmarks of a good channel is being organized. To understand the importance of this moment, just think what you personally like more: when all the videos are arranged one after the other in the feed, regardless of the topic, or when they are distributed among thematic playlists? Undoubtedly, the second option is more convenient for finding the information you need, but that’s not all.

Organizing the sections helps promote the YouTube channel. Creating playlists increases visibility and improves the ranking of videos in search.

You need to promote your YouTube channel not only through videos, but also using text descriptions. When naming your playlist, use keywords that describe its content. The same should be done to describe the playlist. This will make it easier for users to search and improve the ranking of your channel.

The third step of YouTube channel promotion – sections and trailer

When playlists are created, you need them to be immediately visible to users. To do this, in the settings of the main page of the channel at the very bottom, you need to click on the “Add section” button. In the drop-down list “Content” select “Playlists” and add them to the main page.

For the promotion of the YouTube channel, it is useful that the information on the page is displayed in a structured way, so you need to add playlists one at a time. In the “Content” list, select the item “One playlist”, in the “Layout” list – “In a row horizontally” and paste the URL of the playlist into the window that appears.

The next step is to add a trailer – a video that will be automatically played for every new visitor. This can be a video specially shot to promote the YouTube channel or just the most relevant video. You can add a trailer on the main page, in the “For new viewers” tab.

The fourth step of promoting a YouTube channel is working with partners and users

You can promote a YouTube channel using advertising, or you can use free methods. One of them is adding interesting channels.

They will all be displayed on your page on the right. If you agree on reciprocal adding, you can get additional subscribers and increase the number of views. Also, to promote the YouTube channel, digital marketing in surat also you can arrange collaborations – to release joint videos that add popularity to all participants and are always interesting to users.

A prerequisite for promotion is work with subscribers:

  • obligatory responses to comments
  • commenting on other videos
  • call users to action (watch to the end, subscribe, comment, like)

Professional YouTube channel promotion

You can also promote the channel yourself. This does not require any special knowledge – only your time. And, of course, in this case you will be responsible for all mistakes made on the YouTube channel. For those who want to get a quick and guaranteed result, it is better to turn to specialists who know how to promote and do it professionally.

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