“Link Building is the process of acquiring links from other websites to your own”

Link Building Techniques

Link Building is simply the process of getting other websites to link back to your website by putting your websites link to their website. It is one of the major rank factors for most search engines (Especially for Google). But they don’t give equal importance to each link pointing to your website. Google only looks for quality links pointing to your website and only those links will work positively for your site’s ranking.

A links quality is determined by Domain authority (DA), Relevancy of the site, Links position on-page, Anchor text of the link.

Why Build Links ?

  • Google search is based around the links. Link building is one of the major rank factors for most search engines (Especially for Google). The backlinks are considered as an important factor in how each search engine decides which site rank for which keyword.
  • There are two ways in which search engines determine the backlinks:
    • To discover new web pages
    • To help determine how well a page should rank in SERP.
  • The more links from relevant websites pointing to your website, the better your website will perform in the search engine result page for any particular search query.
  • There are both right way and wrong way you can build links to your site. Google only considers the quality links for the better ranking. Now, what do you mean by Quality Link !!

Well following are the factors that decide the quality of links pointing to your website.

  • Page Authority

 The quality and authority of the page linking to you is important to Google. This authority also referred as PageRank.

  • Domain Authority

Another important factor of the quality link is Domain Authority (DA). It is the quality factor that is defined by Moz. It defines the quality of the domain between 1 to 100.

  • Relevancy

The page linking to your website should be of the same category or niche. Even the relevancy of the anchor text(visible text of the link) of the incoming links matters in the quality of the link.

Here are link building techniques you can try to achieve quality links to your website:

Guest Posting: There are many sites available that provide you a platform to publish your article/blog content. Prepare quality and relevant content for your niche and share it on different sites as a guest.

Social Media Outreach: Create connections related to your niche in different social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn). Share quality content on social media, comment relevant posts and promote your product and links

Social Media Marketing

Discussion Forums: Forums are the platform in which you can join discussion about your product or niche and share links. You can join Quora, Reddit, and another leading forum/discussion platform and answer related questions and give links. But you need to be careful while sharing links as these sites are very professional and have very strict spam rules so there are chances that you get banned if you promote too much or promote irrelevant topics.

PR articles: Articles written by professionals and published in high domain authority sites can also give you quality links.

Comment Blog Post: Select a blog post related to your niche, with high traffic, and write comments there with quality content that boosts the discussion. Links posted in such a way have the least chances to get deleted.

Infographics: Sometimes it’s easy to attract people with visual information rather than giving them text information. Create a visualization of concepts, ideas, and strategies. Share your infographics to different submission sites, social media sites to get quality links.

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