Is it safe to breastfeed if the woman is infected with the coronavirus? What if the baby gets infected during the delivery? Should I go for cesarean delivery during this COVID-19? Well we know that you pregnant ladies have so many questions in your mind right now that how can you and your baby stay safe from the coronavirus…!!

Pregnancy and Coronavirus

As corona virus is spreading in all over the world we all are looking for the do’s and don’ts to be safe in this situation. But more than all of us the pregnant women are facing many questions about the precautions during this COVID-19.Well the World Health Organization (WHO) has given the answers to your pregnancy and corona virus situation.

Is it true that pregnant women are at increased risk of corona virus?

According to the WHO, research is under way around the world but no evidence has yet been found to prove that pregnant women are at higher risk of corona virus infection than the general population. However, pregnant women have many changes in their body during pregnancy, which puts them at risk for respiratory infections. That is why I take the necessary precautions. Consult a doctor if you have a fever, cough, and difficulty breathing.

Does a woman suffering from corona need cesarean delivery?

 According to WHO, cesarean delivery is advised only if the doctor thinks it is appropriate. The corona virus has nothing to do with the delivery type. The delivery type of each woman depends on her situation.

Can Corona Infected Women Breastfeed a Baby?

According to the WHO, yes it can be done but there are some things to keep in mind, such as wearing a mask during breastfeeding, washing hands before and after touching children. Expressing milk or donor human milk can be used if the baby is infected with corona and is not in a position to breastfeed the baby.

Do Pregnant Women Need Corona Examination?

According to the WHO, how much scrutiny is needed depends on where you live. If any of the symptoms associated with the infection are felt, it is important to check immediately, as caution is required in such cases

Can a Corona Virus Reach to a Pregnant Woman During Childbirth?

According to the WHO, no information has yet been revealed about a pregnant woman getting the virus into her baby. Corona virus has not been detected in the amniotic fluid and breast milk of pregnant women so far. So for now there are no proven states that a virus can reach a pregnant woman during a childbirth.

WHO: “Pregnant women need to take the same precautions that are advised to the general public”

According to the WHO, every pregnant woman needs to be careful whether or not she is infected with corona. As per the woman’s wish during delivery, it is necessary to have a family member. There should be direct communication with the maternity staff. If the transition is confirmed then the health worker needs to take precautions so that other women do not get transmitted. In this case, the woman should have a hand sanitizer, mask, gown and medical mask.

Here are some precautions that every pregnant lady and their family should follow:

    • Wash hands frequently with alcohol-based sanitizers or soaps.

      • Avoid going to crowded places.

      • Do not touch the eyes, nose and mouth often.

      • When coughing or sneezing, place the mouth on the right elbow or use tissue paper. Dispose of tissue paper once used.

      • If you have a cough, fever, consult a doctor immediately.

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